OSAA Foundation

OSAA Foundation Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program was developed to support students who want to participate in activities during their high school years. As a Foundation, we believe that finances shouldn't be a factor on the decision if a student wants to participate or not. The OSAA Foundation has created two programs to help schools and students in the state.

Individual Shopping

The Individual Student Assistance Program is a way for the OSAA Foundation to directly help students in need of gear for their upcoming season. OSAA member schools do an incredible job offsetting participation fees for those families that can't afford pay-to-play fees. Unfortunately, participation fees isn't the only expenditure a student may have if they want to play.
With money raised from donations, endowment games and grants, the OSAA Foundation staff will reach out to school directly and ask them for nominations of students who could use new shoes, clothing or gear to participate. As you can imagine the response is overwhelming. With the students information, we shop for each individually at a local Dick's Sporting Goods store (OSAA sponsor). Each student receives approximately $100 worth of gear specific to them and their needs. Whether its track spikes, basketball shorts, or a sweatshirt for those cold practices, the student gets what they need.
Every $100 donated equals helping a student break down the barriers of participation.

Mass Distributions

Through corporate support, the OSAA Foundation has been able to take unwanted gear, clothing and shoes from organizations and repurpose that to schools across the state. This is a great opportunity for excess gear to be put to a great cause. The OSAA Foundation will take nearly any donation that could benefit schools. All donations are tax-dedictible as the OSAA Foundation is a 501(c)3.


Is your organization looking for a fun team building opportunity? Volunteer to help shop for students throughout the year through the Individual Student Assistance Program. The number of events is dependant on the amount of money available but if your organization wishes to make a donation, we can also provide a fun engagement opportunity for a group.


The OSAA Foundation is a private non-profit 501(c)3. 95% of all monetary donations go directly back to the schools of the OSAA. The OSAA Foundation has immense flexibility in taking donation and making sure your donation goes to school in need. The OSAA Foundation can geotarget schools in your local community or spread the opportunity statewide. If you are interested in supporting the Student Assistance Program please donate at www.osaafoundation.org/donate. If your company has a mass donation they would like to provide please contact Kyle Stanfield.


Here are some of the testimonials from schools, students and families who received assistance from the Student Assistance Program.

"Are you serious? All of these are for me...to keep...for free?", as she said in disbelief. I shook my head yes and she gave me a big hug with tears rolling down her face and a HUGE smile. "No one has ever done anything like this for me before! Thank you so much! Wow!" The rest of the day she carried around a huge smile and walked with her head held high. Daymaker for me! ~ Life Christian Administrator

One of the boys said, after he opened the box, "Wow, this is the first time I actually received something that I asked for and in my favorite color." That put a smile on all of our faces. It's the little things that really make a difference and make our kids feel special. ~ Scappoose High School Administrator

We had all students who received items come to a classroom not knowing why. After explaining to them why they were asked to come into the classroom each and every athlete got a huge smile on their face. With it being close to Christmas when the items were received we stacked the boxes in the shape of a Christmas tree and handed them out one by one. We allowed each athlete to open the boxes among each other and share what each had received. They were all very grateful and excited to receive new sports gear to use for the season and upcoming seasons. The group of athletes that were chosen do not always hang out together however this experience and this time spent together was something neat to watch, they were each excited for themselves but also watched as they each opened their boxes and were excited for their peer. A lot of athletes purchase their sports gear on a budget and most families have to make make sacrifices to allow their students to participate in extracurricular activities, when our students received their boxes they were receiving items they otherwise could not afford or would not ask for.

One of our female athletes who participates in basketball and softball received softball cleats with her items. She is the oldest of five children in her family living on a single minimum wage income. This athlete often has hand-me-down sports gear or uses the same gear from year to year, despite this she always has a positive attitude on and off the field/court, she outworks the entire team every single practice and game. Her ability to hold her head up high when she could so easily hind among the crowd is something I have always admired about her. When she opened her box and saw that she had received new cleats of her very own for the upcoming softball season she could not have been happier! ~ Bandon High School Administrator

We had a student who played football for us this year who would never ask for anything. We asked if he needed anything, because we knew money was tight to say the least. He told us, "No thank you, what I have works." After watching him at practice and a game or two, it was obvious a new pair of cleats would help him out. Luckily we had his size so one evening after all kids left after practice we went into the locker room and put a new pair of cleats in his locker. I wish I took a picture of the smile on his face when he opened his locker the next day. Thank you for the gifts that help our student athletes. ~ Dallas High School Administrator

The student is one of our top student-athletes here at McMinnville High School. He not only is a Varsity Football player but also a Varsity Cheerleader for our State and National Competition Team. What many people dont know about him is that he has turrets and has been dealing with homelessness throughout his time in school. As his counselor along with the Athletic Director we decided to surprise him with these AMAZING gifts during one of his classes. We presented him with the box and when he asked what it was for we joked "Happy Birthday-Merry Christmas-You Deserve this!!" He was speechless when he opened his surprise, which is not typically for him! The smile he had was Giant and the hugs he gave us were Humongous. He is so incredibly thankful for the gear, especially the fantastic cheer shoes! He was able to wear them for State this past weekend and will take them with him to Nationals next week. ~ McMinnville High School Counselor

Kristie Patterson Fund

The Kristie Patterson Fund was created in 2023 to honor a longtime staff member of the OSAA who passed away in the Fall of 2022. The Student Assistance Program was one of Kristie's favorite programs as it directly helped students and their families. Each year the OSAA Foundation will make a donation to schools in Northeast Oregon, where Kristie grew up, to help students get on the field or court to participate.